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First time ever: Kaweco Pens in Bangladesh

The Kaweco brand was first established in 1883 as a wooden dip pen factory in Heidelberger, Germany. In 1889, with the help of A. Morton & Co, New York, Kaweco started offering fountain pens and gold nibs. High demand of Kaweco fountain pens and writing instruments allowed Kaweco to expand to several countries world wide. Surviving both World Wars, starting their production again in 1945. Now being one of the oldest German brands available, celebrating 137 years in 2020.

Kaweco in Bangladesh - By BDpens

Their highly inspirational and nostalgic designs that is both historic yet fashionable also intertwined with modern technology, screams of high standard and quality. The beautifully engineered products which are not only a luxury to use, but can also lasts decades, even generations.

Popularity and demand for German pens and stationaries in Bangladesh are raising day by day; which lead BDpens to recently launch Kaweco and it's excellent line of products here in Bangladesh. This catched attention of many enthusiastic hobbyists and pen collectors, compelling them to try it out. Products range from Kaweco fountain pens: transparent or translucent to solid metal bodies; and from fountain pens, clutch pencils, rollerballs, mechanical pencils, pouches and much more.

BDpens work directly with Kaweco to make their authentic high quality products available for consumers in Bangladesh; which turned out to be a huge success. The pen collectors, hobbyist and enthusiasts were quite ecstatic to be introduced to this exclusive line of products that is greatly known for its precision, modesty, clarity and minimal fuss.

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