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5 Best Pens for a Student in Bangladesh

We love writing, and most people do. It's a way to express yourself in many ways. There are many instances where you will use pens: school, college, work, journaling, and more. The best pen is dependent on the person. For example, if you're a single mom, you'll need a pen that can be easily removed from little hands. A student may find her or his pens too heavy to carry around. So what are the best pens? It depends on your situation! In fact, there might not even be a right answer. We've gathered together 5 of the best pens for students to pick up around Bangladesh to get you out of class and set off on your journey as a student!

Pilot V5RT 5 Best Pens for a Student in Bangladesh BD Pens

5 Best Pens for a Student in Bangladesh


1. Pilot BP1RT Ballpoint Pen

Pilot BP1RT 5 Best Pens for a Student in Bangladesh BD Pens

BP1RT is Pilot's most affordable ballpoint pen, and this excellent pen is available in Bangladesh.

The pen is available in three colors (Black, Blue, and Red) and two nib options (Fine, Medium). For a student, we would recommend the Medium tip, it's mostly smooth and easier to get addicted to. The pen has a very comfortable grip. Light and Clicker, We are sure, any person who is fond of ballpoint pens will fall in love with this pen.

2. Pilot V 5/7 RT Series Rollerball Pen

Pilot V5 RT 5 Best Pens for a Student in Bangladesh BD Pens

We strongly recommend RT or retractable type pens to students, the clicking is fun and you won't lose the cap. Pilot V 5/7 RT pens are a must to try. V5 has a 0.5mm writing width while V7 is 0.7mm. there is a V10 version with a 1.0mm writing width but, we think that would be too thick for a student's perspective. These pens are refillable and refills are available nowadays. That makes them more convenient and environmentally friendly.

3. Pilot G2 Rollerball Pen

Pilot G2 5 Best Pens for a Student in Bangladesh BD Pens

G2 is the number one selling pen in the USA. It is Pilot's one of finest creations in the segment of Rollerball pens. Even, the G2 refills are used in Elegant Metropolitan Rollerball pens too. G2 has so many versions, but here we are talking about the cheapest Plastic version. It's a clicker pen too (again!) The pen writes fantastically, has a rubber gripper, is well-balanced, and has everything you look for! Literally! Available in so many colors, But Black is the most common. However, it's a refillable pen (Environment!) and refills are quite available too.

4. Pilot Frixion LX Metal Rollerball Pen

Pilot Frixion LX 5 Best Pens for a Student in Bangladesh BD Pens

Frixion is a magical series from Pilot. The inks are erasable, special heat-sensitive type, which erases like magic when applied heat or friction. But here, we are not talking about the cheaper Plastic version, we are talking about the Metal LX version of this pen. It's an elegant pen, you will love to carry around and show off. The pen comes with a nice gift box too. So, it's a strong consideration if you want to gift someone. About the erasable ink part. If you don't like it! I have good news for you! The pen also fits the G2 refills that we were so excited about a few lines ago. The same refill that is used in G2 series and Metropolitan rollerball pens. So, you can always switch from erasable to non-erasable, whenever you like. The metal pen is a bit heavy, but if you want, you can choose the plastic one too, that version also fits G2 refill, just a note!

5. Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

Pilot Kakuno 5 Best Pens for a Student in Bangladesh BD Pens

What fountain pen enthusiasts we are, if we do not add one to this list! Huh! Kakuno is the best student-friendly fountain pen from Pilot (We are so much in love with this brand!) It's Refillable, It uses the same nib as Metropolitan, what more do you want? Kakuno has our special love, when we recommend a fountain pen to a newbie, mostly because it's easier to use and maintain. The grip section is really comfortable, you can't hold it wrong. A light but strong ABS plastic body made the pen very durable. You can also use a Con-40 Converter with this pen if bottle inks are your type of refill. That also opens a new window to discover various brands and colors from the world of Fountain Pen Inks. And that is the fun! For regular writing, we would recommend a Fine nib or Extra Fine nib. One thing you should never forget when buying a fountain pen is that you will need good paper to write it with. Consider nice 80-100gsm printing papers as beginners. With EF nib, you might try to explore a little. And, with a little combo with a nice dry type ink, you will love using fountain pens in school/college/university. That will also make you different from others!