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International Handwriting Day 2021

Happy International Handwriting Day Ladies and Gents!! For those who don’t know what this day is all about…
Well, it’s a day we take some time to appreciate the lovely existence of the art of writing. In world that’s filled with gadgets and screens every waking hour of our life. In a world that’s rushing day and night to make every minute count. Where we can just simply 'tap tap' and there goes an email, assignment completed, a text sent to your beloved and what not. Technology is amazing ain’t it? It sure is, saves so much time and effort after all. Specially during this pandemic, we’ve never been more glued to screens ever before I believe. 
International Handwriting Day 2021
But yet in midst of all this time-saving and simplistic new-born technologies, don’t you think we’re losing something? I think we’re losing more then we can comprehend. We’re losing the depth, we’re losing the feel, the emotions that’s connected with the mere act of using a pen and paper. Those handwritten books. Those envious faces when your teacher praises your handwriting. Those heartfelt letters to loved ones (not to forget the secret notes that whispered from one hand to another), which survives to this day. Treasured and cherished. I doubt any email or text would have lasted this long! Writing on a piece of paper and having to hold a pen or a pencil in between your fingers can never be compared to typing on a keyboard or a screen. No matter how efficient, it cannot completely fulfill the lack of depth.
And this day encourages us to give pen and paper a chance(again).
International Handwriting Day was invented in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA), to acknowledge the influence of penmanship and to further encourage the use of writing instruments. Chosen to be on 23rd January – birthday of John Hancock, the first person to sign the U.S Declaration of Independence. The day being considered of more importance each year as pens and paper are gradually starting to fade away. 
Recent studies have found handwriting to enhance cognitive and motor skills. You are more likely to memorize something written compared to typed. Also, did you know that an individuals writing is as unique a his fingerprint! And the study of handwriting is called Graphology. A study that involves evaluation of personality, historical documents, an individuals mental state. You see, handwriting holds so much more meaning than we can see. It defines us.
So why don’t we celebrate this day by checking out handwritten pieces of our historical idol maybe. Or write a warm letter to your loved ones. Or send a handwritten note of thanks. Or gift a pen to someone. Or maybe share with everyone your very own handwritten note with hashtag #InternationalHandWritingDay #HandWritingDay

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