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Kaweco: Novelties Spring 2022

Writing icons adapted to the latest trends.

With the Kaweco Collection, our iconic models are adapted to the latest trends. We play with modern, unusual colour variations, test innovative materials and vary with the finest details.

The Kaweco Collection offers that certain something to our collector community and all design enthusiasts.
The Kaweco Collection lettering on the pen is a clear identification feature. New variations are part of the Kaweco Collection for one year. In the case of particularly popular variants, there is an option for them to become part of our standard range in an adapted way.
While the first models of the collection from 2021 are slowly leaving, the new versions for 2022 are fresh and colourful.


Minimalism meets saturated green.

The Liliput is one of the oldest Kaweco models. In 1908 it already fascinated with its simple design, which was made of ebonite back then. The Kaweco Liliput still consists of only three parts: cap, barrel and front section.

In keeping with spring awakening and sprouting of nature, the Kaweco Liliput fountain pen presents itself in a rich light green colour. The silk matt surface finish of the aluminium body creates a noble and velvety appearance that invites you to grab the pen and start writing.

Kaweco Collection FP Liliput Green

The fountain pen is individually equipped with your desired nib. There is a choice of five nib sizes. While the extra-fine nib (EF) is particularly suitable for small and fine handwriting, the extra-width nib (BB) is often used for large and dramatic signatures. For beginners, we recommend nib size M. With the integrated screwing mechanism, the nibs can be changed easily to another nib size afterwards.

Kaweco Collection FP Liliput Green

The pens are shipped in the silver Kaweco tin box surrounded by a green metallic Collection paper sleeve.

Moreover, eleven colourful ink cartridges are available. Especially the colour Palm Green fits perfectly.

*Kaweco Collection items are available in the Kaweco range for one year only.


Kaweco Sport in an iridescent pearl optic.

In 1911 something remarkable by the name of Kaweco Sport was created. The pocket fountain pen only measures 10.5 cm when closed; therefore, you can easily take it anywhere. With the cap mounted, it grows to an average size of 13 cm.

Kaweco Collection FP Iridescent Pearl

The Kaweco Iridescent Pearl – a fountain pen in an unimagined variety of colours: Depending on the viewer's angle of vision and the incident light, the writing instrument shines in an uniquely shimmering colour scheme. Imitating the optical effect of a pearl, the translucent material of the fountain pen shines in colours ranging from green-bluish to pink.
The packaging of the fountain pen is suitably designed with iridescent foil. Its optic mimics the streaks occurring through the pigments in the pen's plastic, contributing to the unique look. The pen has silver-coloured elements like lettering, logo cap and nib, reflecting its cool look and feel.

Kaweco Collection FP Iridescent Pearl

You can choose between five nib sizes from extra fine (EF) to extra broad (BB). If you’re not sure which size you want or need, we recommend the nib size M. All nibs and the entire fountain pen are made in Germany. It contains a Royal Blue ink cartridge as standard.

Our eleven colourful inks, the Kaweco mini converter, and clips in gold, silver, bronze, and black are perfect accessories for this fountain pen. To protect the pen you can choose between a broad variety of pouches for Sport pens.

*Kaweco Collection items are available in the Kaweco range for one year only.


The Sport Calligraphy Set Mint with four calligraphy nibs makes your handwriting appear in shine.

The term calligraphy, derived from the Greek words “kallos” (beautiful) and “graphies” (carving, engraving, writing), combines two essential aspects: The recording of a text in beautiful and expressive form.

Kaweco Calligraphy Set Mint

At Kaweco, you can choose different calligraphy options to suit your needs. The Calligraphy Set Mint for calligraphic writing in four different stroke widths includes a Sport Fountain Pen (1.1 mm), three changeable front parts (1.5mm, 1.9mm and 2.3 mm), three protection caps and two 6-packs Kaweco ink cartridges in colour Pearl Black.

Kaweco Calligraphy Set Mint

The fountain pen has a closed size of only 10. 5 cm and can therefore be carried anywhere without any problems. It grows to a standard size of 13cm with a mounted cap.

The organising talent from Kaweco

The constant change between the home office and office work poses numerous challenges. Therefore, it is not uncommon for essential work utensils to be forgotten.

Kaweco Organiser Black Leather A5

With the style-conscious Kaweco Organiser, you always have everything you need with you. The organiser offers storage space for five writing instruments, one DIN A5 notebook and two flexible compartments, such as business cards and ink cartridges. The organiser is equipped with a pull-out pencil case for three pens for flexible and space-saving use in meetings.

Kaweco Organiser Black Leather A5

The high-quality DIN A5 leather case is made and sewn in Europe from Italian leather. The inner material is equipped with a delicate velvet lining to protect the utensils housed in it from damage.


For all colour lovers: the Twist&Test Cartridge Dispenser

Decisions are hard to make, especially when it comes to choosing one of the beautiful Kaweco ink colours. To make this decision, the Kaweco Twist&Test cartridge dispenser with eight different Kaweco ink colours is now available.

Kaweco Twist and Test

The turquoise-coloured organisational talent with a white Kaweco logo print impresses with sophistication: It fits in every bag and is the perfect companion for all prolific writers. By default, the cartridge dispenser contains eight ink cartridges. In addition to the intense colours Ruby Red, Palm Green, Paradise Blue and Sunrise Orange, the Twist&Test also includes soft shades like Midnight Blue, Summer Purple, Caramel Brown and Smoky Grey.

Kaweco Twist and Test

Afterwards, you can refill the cartridge dispenser again and again with your favourite ink colours.

Tip: To avoid unsightly colour contamination when changing the colour of the ink cartridges, we recommend our Kaweco cleansing syringe for quick and thorough cleaning of the pen.

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