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Kaweco: Novelties Summer 2021

Kaweco: Novelties Summer 2021

Today we are happy to present our upcoming novelties Launch for Summer 2021.

Kaweco Collection Dark Olive

Most of you have been waiting longingly for this, and now it’s time, our Kaweco Collection will be expanded with the colour Dark Olive. The fountain pen is made of high-quality plastic with golden elements. It is available in our standard five nib sizes. On the one hand, green has a calming effect, but it can also be stimulating.
The warm green shade with a slightly yellowish hue differs significantly from the previously known green from the Classic Sport Series.

Kaweco Student 30’s Blues

Kaweco Student 20’s Jazz

Also, our journey through the past continues to be exciting with our new colours for the series Kaweco Student. We are looking forward to another two decades with the Kaweco Student 20’s Jazz in a solid brown and the Kaweco Student 30’s Blues in a muted berry-coloured red tone.

Sketch Up

We pay extraordinary attention to the series Sketch Up, which is now for drawing and erasing. Instead of a 5.6 mm thick pencil lead, the Kaweco Sketch Up Corrector contains an equally large eraser cord that enables precise erasure.

Kaweco Premium Steel Nib

Kaweco Premium Steel Nib

A highlight are our new Premium Steel Nibs in blank and gold-plated. Those who primarily focus on writing comfort and not on the material gold can now enjoy the unique writing pleasure of a gold nib with the Kaweco Premium Steel Nibs. Apart from its beautiful, sun-shaped engraving, the larger iridium grain offers impeccable writing comfort. Thanks to the hand-finished inner edge rounding, the nib glides easily and butter-softly over the paper. Our premium nibs' production method and writing quality are similar to that of our real gold nibs. The quality nibs are available in EF-BB sizes and are manufactured in Germany. They are carefully packed in a silver tin box with a matching sleeve in the 70s look.

syringe with cartridge insert

In addition, there is a valuable cleaning tool in the form of a syringe with cartridge insert. Also, alll our Perkeo models are now available as a Pack, which is practical to hang up for retail.

We wish you a lot of fun browsing! 😊

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