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Kaweco: Novelties Winter 2022

Kaweco Collection Series Smooth Sage and Ruby Fountain Pen Bangladesh

With the winter release, Kaweco continues the popular Kaweco Collection with two stunning colours.


Two stunning colors - Smooth Sage and Ruby.



Kaweco Collection Series Smooth Sage Fountain Pen Bangladesh

A pastel green is added to the Kaweco Collection. In Home & Living, sage green has been an extremely popular trend colour for quite some time. Even more so, when applied to the traditional Kaweco Sport, made out of high-quality plastic, the delicate hue shows its amazing effect. The fountain pen manages to project positive energy and thus create a calming atmosphere, encouraging creativity to take place. Its combination with silver elements gives the fountain pen a unique kind of new vigour.
Like usual the fountain pen is available in the standard five nib sizes from EF to BB and will be shipped with a colour-matching packaging.



Kaweco Collection Series Ruby Fountain Pen Bangladesh

The brilliantly fiery colour variant Ruby creates a clear contrast to the subtle sage green. However, both colours look particularly harmonious in combination and develop an unsurpassed colour effect.
The red ruby is still being considered one of the rarest and most precious gemstones in the world, thus being enthralling to many. Similarly to the lavishly sanded facets of the ruby, our fountain pen, with its shining polished finish, holds one’s fascination with its dazzling display contained in an octagonal shape. The soft, rounded edges created through the refinement of the writing instrument‘s surface are crucial for its feeling of fitting perfectly into one’s hand. The pen’s elegant character is completed by the shadow engraving, along with a combination of an aluminium body and gold-plated components.
The fountain pen is available in the standard five nib sizes from EF to BB and will be shipped in the nostalgic tin box with a metallic shimmering paper sleeve.



Kaweco Perkeo Clips Bangladesh

Our Liliput, Sport, Special and Supra series are becoming even more individual. With the winter release, we are adding the popular colours silver and black to our clip range.




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