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New Esterbrook Products Summer 2021

Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass

Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass

Esterbrook Bangladesh


Esterbrook are adding a new colour to their Core Estie range this July. The Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass is a blended green pen colour matches the name perfectly. It is a Core Estie (i.e. not a limited edition), and will be available with both Palladium and Gold trim, and will come as a standard fountain pen, oversized fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball.

Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass

Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass

Esterbrook JR Pocket Pens - Paradise

Esterbrook are also introducing an exciting extension to the JR range.

The 3 JR Paradise pens will be tropical colours and have a “Margaritaville” vibe. Imagine parrots, margaritas and a fun vacationing spirit!

Esterbrook have made some small updates to the dome top, and the finial is a different colour to the body of the pen.

The 3 colours are Sunset Orange, Blue Breeze and Lemon Twist.

We are waiting for images for these pens, so we’ll be in touch again soon to share these with you. The expected launch date for the JR Paradise pens is August 3rd.

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