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  • The Ultimate Guide to Black Fountain Pen Inks: Darkest Blacks, Top 5 Picks, Water Proof, Fastest-Drying, and Best Permanent Inks

    Discover the best black fountain pen inks for your writing or drawing needs. From the darkest blacks to the fastest-drying and best permanent inks, this ultimate guide covers it all. Explore our top picks, including Aurora Black, Platinum Carbon Black, and more. Read now!
  • Fountain Pen Ink: A Guide to Choosing the Best Color and Brand

    Fountain pen ink is an essential component of the classic writing instrument. It comes in a wide range of colors and types, from classic black and blue to vibrant greens and purples. Water-based ink is the most common type used in fountain pens and is easy to clean and dries quickly. Oil-based ink is thicker, takes longer to dry, and is more resistant to smudging and fading. When choosing the best brand of fountain pen ink, popular options include J. Herbin, Noodler's, and Pilot. Each of them offers a wide range of colors and has a reputation for high-quality inks. Choosing the right fountain pen ink is essential to the writing experience and it's worth trying out different colors and brands to find the perfect one for you.