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  • Can I Use Any Ink in Fountain Pens?

    Looking for answers about whether it's safe to use any kind of ink in your fountain pen? Check out this article for a detailed explanation on what types of ink are safe to use and what you should avoid. Keep your fountain pen in top condition with our expert tips.
  • Does a Gold Nib Contain Actual Gold

    Discover whether gold nibs in fountain pens contain actual gold, and learn about their value, purity, and prices. Find out which gold-nib pens are available in Bangladesh. Get insights on estimating gold value and use a Gold Nib Value Calculator to calculate the real value of your gold nib.
  • Fountain Pen Ink Care: How to Prevent Drying and Extend Longevity

    Discover how to take care of fountain pen ink to prevent it from drying up and ensure optimal performance. Learn about storing ink bottles properly, using the right ink for your pen, cleaning your pen regularly, and more. Plus, get answers to common questions about fountain pen ink from newbie users. Read our tips.
  • Fountain Pens: Separating Fact from Fiction - Clearing Up Common Myths and Misconceptions

    Fountain pens are a timeless writing instrument that has been around for centuries. However, with any long-standing tradition, there are bound to be myths and misconceptions that have taken root over time. In this article, we will explore some of the most common fountain pen myths and misconceptions, and provide the truth behind them to help you understand fountain pens better.