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Thank you, Dr. Manfred Lamy for the years of excellent ideas in the world of writing.

1930, after 2 years of cooperation, Parker left Osmia in Heidelberg, Germany. Parker`s export manager C. Josef Lamy was set free and began to produce his own writing articles under the name "Orthos". The first fountainpens looked like a Parker Duofold flattop copy but a few months later Lamy presented his first patent, a pen/ pencil combo. After ww2 Lamy associated with the Artus Kaufmann Companie and the name of their products was "Artus", like Artus- Favorit or Artus- Ballit.

The Lamy 27 was introduced in 1952, it was a very successful model and the first one which was produced under the name "LAMY".


Dr. Manfred Lamy


Dr. Manfred Lamy, the son of C.J Lamy, took over the firm in 1966 and made basically changes in the product lines. The production of the LAMY 2000 was a risk. The cool design in Makrolon, Steel and Platinium coated gold nib which was made by Gerd Müller was outstanding, but it was absolutely not sure that an expensive pen with no golden ornaments would be a best seller in these times. But the 2000 is produced until today, only with marginal changes. Several writing instruments followed and some look like amazing art objects of the Bauhaus era.

The commercial paper advertising didn`t change for decades: Wriring instruments in original size and a hand written sentence. Nothing more than pure understatement.

After more than 40 years of successful work for his firm which he owns 100%, Dr. Manfred Lamy retires in 2006 at the age of 70, got several awards for his outstanding products and joins as a member of the advisory board, which will influence the firm philosopy in the future.

He died yesterday at the age of 84.

Dr. Manfred Lamy was a visionary who leaves behind a legacy that is unique and extraordinary in its success story.

Thank you, Dr. Manfred Lamy for the years of excellent ideas in the world of writing.

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