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Collection: Esterbrook

Entrepreneur Richard Esterbrook established The Esterbrook Pen Company in 1858, and at its height, Esterbrook was the largest pen manufacturer in the United States, employing 600 workers and producing 600,000 pens a day.

Much of America’s history has been written and created with Esterbrook pens, with owners including US presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, Disney artist Carl Banks and Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz. Millions of American students grew up learning to write using Esterbrook pens.

Having ceased trading in the 1970s, in 2018 Esterbrook was revived by Kenro Industries to write its next chapter. Esterbrook moved 120 miles north to Kenro headquarters in Mineola, New York, where its storied past will forever be a part of its promising future.

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