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Available Parker 51 fountain pens in Bangladesh.

The Parker 51 fountain pen was first launched in 1941 and was said to mirror the image of the P-51 fighter plane. Its unusual hooded nib made it seem like a 'pen from another planet', and while it enjoyed more than 30 years of popularity, production ceased in 1978.

But now it's back, having undergone slight design modifications to ensure its fit with the modern world of the 21st century.

Its fighter plane profile is just the same, and the barrel is still made of glossy precious resin. It still features the sleek, streamlined hooded nib and the jeweled end cap. What's new is that the cap now screws on and the pocket clip is slightly longer. It's now the same length as that on a Sonnet, though still maintains the iconic Parker arrow design. Also, it will take cartridges as well as bottled ink with a converter.

Parker 51 fountain pens in Bangladesh

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