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Atiqur Rahman: Founder of BD Pen - Luxury Stationery and Fountain Pen Enthusiast

Atiqur Rahman: Founder of BD Pen

Atiqur Rahman - Founder of BD Pen

Atiqur Rahman is a distinguished Bangladeshi entrepreneur, writer, and educator renowned for his pioneering contributions to the realm of luxury stationery and e-commerce in Bangladesh. He is the visionary founder of BD Pen, a premier online marketplace dedicated to fountain pens and luxury stationery.

Early Life and Education

Atiqur Rahman was born on November 25, 1987, in Narayanganj, a city synonymous with vibrant business activities in Bangladesh. He embarked on his educational journey in the field of Textile Engineering at City University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he laid the foundation for a profound understanding of Textile Science and Technology.

Career Transition

Upon completing his studies, Atiqur Rahman initially entered the thriving textile industry of Bangladesh. However, his passion for education and the aspiration to create a meaningful impact inspired him to transition into the field of teaching. Over a span of eight years, he dedicated his life to enlightening and empowering the next generation of students.

Entrepreneurship and BD Pen

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and his deep-rooted passion for fountain pen collecting, Atiqur Rahman transitioned into entrepreneurship. In 2018, he brought BD Pen into existence.

BD Pen, formerly known as BD Pens, was founded by Atiqur Rahman as a response to the burgeoning demand for luxury stationery in Bangladesh. Prior to the emergence of BD Pen, the market grappled with a dearth of top-quality stationery products and a surplus of Chinese-made items.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Atiqur Rahman astutely recognized the opportunity to bridge this gap. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of luxury stationery acquired through his personal hobby and collection, he set out to make these products accessible to people across Bangladesh.

BD Pen, an e-commerce platform meticulously designed by Atiqur Rahman, emerged as the perfect solution to satisfy the market's thirst for luxury stationery. The platform's user-friendly interface ensures that individuals of all ages can effortlessly explore and procure their favorite stationery products.

Since its inception, BD Pen has been the trusted destination for hobbyists and enthusiasts in Bangladesh, offering an extensive array of high-quality fountain pens and luxury stationery items. The platform's resounding success can be attributed to Atiqur Rahman's relentless dedication in harmonizing market demand with his profound understanding of the sector, both as a dedicated hobbyist and an ardent collector.

Explore the world of luxury stationery with Atiqur Rahman and BD Pen, where every pen tells a unique story and every piece of stationery exudes elegance and quality.