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BD Pen's Pre-Order

Terms and Conditions for BD Pen's Pre-Order Event

  1. Eligibility:

    • We prioritize our existing customers for this pre-order event. Over the past 6 years, we have served 5,548 customers (as of today).
    • Existing customers will have priority access to this event.
    • New customers who wish to participate are welcome to let us know their interests. We will try to accommodate their requests if possible.
  2. Pre-Order Deadline:

    • The last date to place a pre-order is June 17, 2024.
    • We plan to send the final order list to our distributor after the Eid vacation. Please confirm your order before Eid to ensure a well-organized plan and schedule.
  3. Shipment and Delivery:

    • Once the order is placed with our distributor, it may take up to 2 months for the shipment to arrive.
    • We will keep you updated on the status and notify you as soon as the shipment arrives.
    • We will inform you about the availability of items before you confirm your pre-order. However, in some cases, the distributor might not be able to provide certain items for various reasons. In such cases, you will receive a full refund. We will get the final shipping list from the distributor before dispatch and will communicate any issues promptly.
  4. Payment Terms:

    • A 100% full payment is required to confirm a pre-order. Partial payments are not accepted.
    • If the shipment list does not meet the targeted volume, we will not place the order and your deposit will be refunded.
  5. Order Modifications:

    • Once the shipment arrives, we will start dispatching your pre-order parcels.
    • If you need to change your address/contact details or want to add items from our stock to your order, please inform us. We will dispatch your order according to the updated information.
  6. Limitations:

    • We will not bring any items outside of the pre-order list in this shipment.
    • If the pre-order list does not meet the targeted volume, we cannot request the distributor to send a small shipment. In such cases, we will not place the order and your deposit will be refunded.
  7. Agreement and Communication:

    • By confirming your pre-order, you agree to these terms and conditions.
    • In the event of any unexpected situation, we will contact you immediately, and your deposit will always be secure.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to serving you with our exclusive collection of pens and inks.




How to Pre-Order 

Step-by-Step Guide to Place Your Pre-Order

  1. Browse Available Brands:

    • Explore the wide range of brands we offer for pre-order:
      • Pilot
      • Pilot Namiki
      • Sailor
      • Platinum
      • Kaweco
      • Lamy
      • Montblanc
      • Parker
      • Noodlers
      • Pelikan
      • Visconti
      • You may order from other brands too, just inform us and we will check the availability. 
  2. Make Your Selection:

    • Choose the specific pen models and ink colors you wish to pre-order from the brands listed above.
  3. Contact Us to Place Your Order:

    • Contact us via phone or email to place your pre-order.
    • Provide the following details:
      • Your name and contact information
      • The specific items (brand, model, color) you want to pre-order
      • Quantity of each item
  4. Confirm Availability:

    • We will check the availability of your selected items with our distributor.
    • You will be informed about the availability before proceeding with the payment.
  5. Make Full Payment:

    • Once availability is confirmed, make a 100% full payment to secure your pre-order.
    • Payment can be made by Bkas/Rocket/Nogod/Bank deposits.
  6. Receive Confirmation:

    • After the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation receipt of your pre-order.
    • This receipt will include the details of your order and the estimated delivery timeline.
  7. Await Shipment Updates:

    • We will keep you updated on the status of your shipment.
    • The shipment may take up to 2 months to arrive after we place the order with our distributor.
  8. Shipment Arrival and Dispatch:

    • Once the shipment arrives, we will start dispatching your pre-order parcels.
    • If you need to update your address or contact details, inform us before the dispatch process begins.
  9. Order Fulfillment:

    • Your pre-ordered items will be dispatched to your specified address.
    • In case of any issues with the shipment or item availability, we will contact you and ensure a full refund if necessary.
  10. Enjoy Your Purchase:

  • Receive your pre-ordered items and enjoy your new collection of pens and inks.

Important Dates

  • Last Date for Pre-Order: June 17, 2024
  • Order Confirmation: Confirm your order before Eid vacation.
  • Estimated Shipment Arrival: Approximately 2 months after the order is placed with the distributor.

Contact Information

  • Phone:01974-757575 
  • Email: atiq@bdpens.com 

We appreciate your participation in our pre-order event and look forward to providing you with the finest pens and inks from around the world!

Updated- June 7, 2024