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Rhodia - The Legendary Notebooks from France

Legendary French-made notebooks, known for their Iconic Orange and Black covers.

Yes, we are talking about Rhodia Notebooks. And what makes Rhodia so special? Here are some noteworthy characteristics found in all Rhodia paper.
  1. Rhodia paper is acid-Free and pH-Neutral. When exposed to light or heat, the molecules in acidic paper break down faster over time. This causes the acidic paper to degrade and lose its integrity. In contrast, acid-free paper lasts longer and allows your artwork to keep its true colors for a long time.
  2. Rhodia paper is Fountain pen friendly. Rhodia paper facilitates a fast drying time relative to other pen friendly paper, feels smooth, is bright, and generally resists bleedthrough and showthrough. Drying time is important since fountain pen ink may smear if it does not absorb into the paper fast enough. Excellent fountain pen paper must also exhibit a degree of smoothness—rough paper may create more friction with the fountain pen nib and cause skipping. Brightness is also a highly desired quality for fountain pen inks since bright paper will contrast with different color inks. Lastly, good fountain pen paper resists bleedthrough and showthrough.
  3. Rhodia paper is PEFC-Certified. The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an NGO that promotes sustainable forest management. Certification indicates that a product meets the standards issued by the PEFC.
Rhodia is now officially available in Bangladesh. BD Pens is an Authorized Reseller of Rhodia. Check all available Rhodia notebooks/notepads.
Rhodia in Bangladesh - BD Pens
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