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Inktober 2022 Celebration in Bangladesh

Inktober 2022 is Here!

Inktober 2022 Bangladesh


Here we are again! This is the official prompt list for Inktober 2022. And this year we will celebrate it again in Bangladesh. 

What is Inktober?

It’s is a worldwide challenge to do an ink drawing every day for the 31 days of October. If you can actually stick with it and finish the challenge, you are sure to see gains! Not just in your art skills, but in your ability to develop a drawing habit.

How we will celebrate it this year?

Ofcourse, this year we will celebrate it again with you. Post your artwork from your social media profiles or pages, with these hashtags -

#inktober #inktober2022 #bdpens #bdpen and mention us by tagging - @bdpens 

We will give you shoutout and share your artwork from our facebook and instagram pages. We will also select 3 lucky participants who will complete this challenge and mention us in each post. We will send them special gifts from BD Pens for completing this years Inktober challenge. This is so fun and we love to enjoy it with you. 

The official rules are as follows:

  • Every day during the 31 days of October you draw an ink-based illustration
    • You may also post once a week or every other day. Consistency is key!
  • Post your artwork to social media and use #inktober #inktober2022 #bdpens #bdpen and mention us by tagging - @bdpens in your caption
    • Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. 
  • You can use the official Inktober prompt list
    • You may also use a different prompt list or come up with your own topics.


As always, don’t forget to hashtag your work with #inktober #inktober2022 #bdpens #bdpen so everyone can see your progress. And mention us by tagging - @bdpens in your caption too! We'll be featuring them on our FB page and Instagram 😁

Can’t wait to see all your inky creations!