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Diamine: The Dramatic Inky Goodness

What's a fountain pen without paper? True indeed. Although, I would also say, what’s a fountain pen without ink? I guess any fellow pen enthusiasts couldn't agree more. Every line and loop of a penman demands of a perfect ink with proper flow, reasonable drying time, and good saturation.

Diamine Ink Bangladesh - by BDpens

Diamine inks fulfils it all, explaining its popularity among penmans and hobbyist. Coming from a rich history dating back to 1864, founded as T. Webster and Co, London. The business was moved to Liverpool, England in 1925; changing it's name to Diamine in 1964. Several ownerships later the brand still prevails to hold its traditional methods to make ink that defines their high quality and standards. More than 150 years old now Diamine is one of the last remaining manufacturers in UK.

Diamine inks are water based, acid free and completely non toxic, suitable for any brand of fountain pen - modern or vintage. Like many other inks out there it doesn't leave any sticky feeling or smudge after drying. Diamine's biggest asset would be it's huge range of colours. Everything from reds to blues to greens, you name it. Their 150th anniversary series and shimmertastic series has to be the most eye catching.

All of this baffling amount of goodness can be available in Bangladesh through BDpens. BDpens being a direct distributor of Diamine inks in Bangladesh, is working towards providing Bangladeshi buyers with Diamine's wide range of rich and vibrant coloured inks. This allows hobbyist here to taste something out of the ordinary. As always BDpens looks forward to supply the country's hobbyist and penmans with whatever they could possibly ever wish for. Besides selling Diamine's exquisite range of inks for fountain pens, BDpens also provides Diamine's much-sought after calligraphy inks as well as the famous registrars ink for official documents. Check all available Diamine inks.