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Affordable & High-Quality 100gsm Papers: Are They Fountain Pen Friendly?

Our 100gsm papers offer a unique solution for fountain pen enthusiasts in Bangladesh who struggle to find papers that complement their fountain pen's writing experience. With so many low-quality papers available, it can be challenging to find a reliable option that does not break the bank. However, our papers are not only affordable and easily accessible but also designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable writing experience with fountain pens. Keep reading to find out why our 100gsm papers are the perfect writing companion for fountain pen enthusiasts.

Fountain Pen Friendly

Fountain pen-friendly papers are hard to come by in Bangladesh. But our 100gsm papers are designed to provide the perfect writing experience for fountain pens. They are thick, smooth, and have minimal feathering, and no ghosting, or bleeding. This means that you can enjoy a clean, crisp writing experience that enhances your fountain pen's writing capabilities. Our papers are the perfect choice for fountain pen enthusiasts who want to elevate their writing experience without breaking the bank.

Affordable & High-Quality 100gsm Papers:

Comparable to Luxury Paper Brands

Our 100gsm papers are imported from Malaysia. They are crafted using premium materials that make them thick, durable, and smooth to write on. You'll notice the difference in writing quality as soon as you start using them.

Costly Luxury paper brands like Rhodia, Clairefontaine, and Tomoe River papers are known for their super high-quality papers. While our 100gsm papers are not comparable to these luxury brands, but they provide an excellent writing experience at an affordable price point. So, you can use your fountain pen for daily writing.

It's worth noting that Rhodia, Clairefontaine, and other luxury brands have a special coating over their paper, which allows them to avoid feathering entirely. However, this coating results in a longer drying time for most inks, and often, waterproof inks that rely on fiber bonding (i.e. Noodler’s waterproof inks) do not perform well on them. In contrast, our papers do not have a glossy coating, and ink bonds with the fiber quickly. This results in a relatively low drying time compared to Rhodia and other luxury brand papers.

Little to No Feathering

Feathering can ruin the writing experience, making it look sloppy and messy. Most available papers in Bangladesh's market tend to exhibit high feathering, which can negatively impact the writing experience of a new Fountain pen user and discourage them. However, our 100gsm papers show very little to almost no feathering. You can be assured that your writing will look neat and crisp on our paper.

No Ghosting or Bleeding

Another common issue with fountain pen writing is ghosting and bleeding. Ghosting happens when the ink bleeds through the paper, making it visible on the other side. Bleeding happens when the ink spreads out on the paper, creating a pool of ink around the letters. Our 100gsm papers do not show any ghosting or bleeding, so you can write on both sides without any issue. This makes our papers perfect for everyday journaling or note-taking.

Available in Different Rulings

Our 100gsm papers are available in a range of rulings, including lined, dot grid, blank, and French ruling or Seyes ruled. This means that you have all the options for your journaling or daily writing needs. Whether you prefer lined paper for writing letters or blank paper for doodling, we have got you covered. Our French ruling or Seyes ruled paper is perfect for practicing handwriting or calligraphy.

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Notebooks with Cute Designs

Notebooks with Cute Designs

Our notebooks are also made of the same high-quality paper and come with cute designs to carry around. We understand that aesthetics play a significant role in your writing experience, and that's why we offer notebooks with unique designs. Our notebooks are also available in blank, lined, and dot grid options, making them perfect for all your writing needs. You can carry them around with you wherever you go and jot down your ideas or thoughts as they come.

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Notebooks with Cute Designs

Affordable and Easily Available

Our 100gsm papers and notebooks are not only high-quality but also affordable and easily available in Bangladesh. You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a premium writing experience. Our papers are of high quality, comparable to luxury brands, but without the premium price tag. You get more bang for your buck with our 100gsm papers and notebooks.

Customer Feedback

Our customers are thrilled with our 100gsm papers and notebooks. They have reported enjoying a smooth writing experience with little to no feathering or bleeding. Customers also love the wide range of rulings and cute designs of our notebooks. Our products have become a staple for many fountain pen enthusiasts and writers in Bangladesh. We always want to hear from you, if you have any suggestions for us just let us know.


If you're a fountain pen enthusiast or just new in this hobby in Bangladesh, you know how hard it is to find high-quality, fountain pen-friendly paper. And that is why, we bring this solution to your problem. Not only are they work brilliantly with fountain pens, but they are also very affordable and easily available. So, you can enjoy a premium writing experience without breaking the bank. Try our papers and notebooks today and see for yourself why they will be your ultimate fountain pen companion.






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