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Pilot Parallel - An Ideal Beginners Calligraphy Pen

If you're one of those who are looking forward to take their first dive into the world of calligraphy, Pilot Parallel is probably one of the best pen out there for you to kick off with. These pens are not only easy and fun to use, but also quite inexpensive, ideal for any beginner to get started with.

Pilot Parallel pen - BDpens

The package comes with a pen, pen lid, 2 cartridges of ink, nib cleaner, a feed cleaner and calligraphy instructions, which is a great learner guide for any beginner to get started. The nib consists of two parallel plates on the nib point, producing beautiful sharp lines. The pen’s cap is threaded and is twisted open, which helps it secure tightly with the body. It might take some effort to get the ink flowing initially, but it's smooth and steady once it starts flowing; which makes it easy to use for any fresher. The plastic body of the pen has paint brush like structure with no clip; which might give it a look of an ordinary pen. Although, it's quite surprising to see the contrast between the look and the rich performance of the pen.

Pilot Parallel Pen - BDpens

Coming in four different nib sizes: 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, and 6.0mm. For beginners, bigger sized nibs would give you a better idea of line variations and also is easier to start up with, although too big of a size can be hard to control. In my opinion, 3.8mm is probably the best size to begin with. Pilot Parallel pen can be found in Bangladesh for around 980tk each. Buying a full set consisting of four pens with four different sized nibs will cost you 3800tk, which can help you save some money, compared to buying the pens individually. These pens can be found in BDpens.

You would also need good quality paper, Papertech 100gsm can be a good option, which is available is most stationary shops around Bangladesh. Good quality ink is also one of the most essential part of calligraphy. The ink that comes along with the parallel pens are usually very wet, thus feathers a lot. You can pretty much use any good ink out there, Pelikan and Diamine inks can be much better alternatives (can also be found at BDpens). To add more fun to your art you can try Diamine shimmering inks, my personal favourite, which will leave you with some awfully beautiful results, definitely a must try!

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