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Pilot V Pen - A beginners fountain pen

Introducing you to yet another unique modern creation of Pilot; Pilot Vpens. Convenient and easy to use disposable fountain pens, which might at first look like just another Pilot V7 pen, simply in different colour variations, but surprisingly enough it’s a fountain pen that too at a very low price!

Pilot V pen - BD pens

The pens are simple yet visually appealing, perfect according to their price. All the pens are colour coded with coloured caps on both ends of the pen which matches the colour of the ink. You can watch the ink dance back and forth through the clear window on the body of the pen, which is further designed with swooshing silver band that goes around the body and Pilot Vpen written in bold letters.

The pen is slightly thicker than the Pilot V5, if you have used that before, you can get the idea of it. The feed section is transparent, through which you can see the internal feeds, which is pretty cool. The most eye-catching part would be the clip, shaped like a 'V' and ending with a ball. On the nib, there’s an indent of a breather-hole and slit but there is no actual cut, unlike most fountain pens. The nib is adorned with “Pilot”, which looks simple yet sophisticated.

Putting it to work on the paper, you might be in quite a dilemma on what to expect from a fountain pen this cheap. To say the least, you're surely to be impressed by its performance. The ink starts to flow immediately without skipping a beat, in a consistent flow. The nib is super smooth with the right amount of feedback. The lines are darn clean. It will certainly give you a fountain pen-like feel, not just a pen with a nib at the end.

Another awesome thing about this pen is that they come in many different colours, which is totally rare to find in the fountain pen section. The pens come in 6 different colours: Black, Blue, Red, Light Blue, Light Green, and Violet. All the colours are amazingly vibrant and well pigmented.

Even though this plastic-bodied pen has no refills and is designed to be disposed, it can still be refilled by a syringe. You can find videos on YouTube which shows how easily you can refill them and use these pens as much as you want. (You can check out the channel 'Unsharpen', they explain the process quite well)

Pilot Vpens are excellent pens which you can use without any fear of losing or damaging. It's definitely great for its price, suitable for anyone from beginners who wants to experience the fountain pen feel without spending a fortune, to the fountain pen fanatics who refuse to use anything but fountain pens for literally everything.

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