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TWSBI SWIPE - A cartridge converter pen from TWSBI!

A Brand new fountain pen coming July 29th!! TWSBI SWIPE. And it is a cartridge converter! The TWSBI SWIPE fountain pen fits a universal / international standard cartridge and includes a traditional converter as well as a spring-loaded converter.

TWSBI Swipe - Bangladesh

TWSBI is also making a 10 piece ink cartridge set in Black, Sapphire, & Red. Additional converters are also available!

This new pen accepts all international standard ink cartridges and converters
Includes a universal ink cartridge, a traditional twist converter, and a TWSBI spring loaded converter.
Pull/Snap cap (no twisting required).
Available in Smoke and Prussian Blue.

Two models -
The Pen, two converters(traditional one and a spring loaded one), and a cartridge will all come easy to use in one package for $26.99 in North America models.
The Pen, one converter, and a cartridge will be included in rest of the world model for $22.99.

Will arrive in BD Pens soon!

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